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Emmitt’s Catering was founded by Chef Brandon Emmitt in 2014. Chef Brandon has consistently pursued his passion for food. As a boy growing up, his father was the primary cook for the family.

While observing and learning from his father as he prepared the meals for the family. Brandon became inspired to further his education in Culinary Arts. Brandon excelled in his culinary program.

He graduated at the top of his class at Remington College in 2008 with a Culinary/Business degree. Having a vision and passion, Brandon began his career as a dishwasher with the determination to excel one day as a business owner and chef.

Brandon’s passion allowed him to remain focused and dedicated to pursuing his goals. By being employed at various upscale retirement homes, first-class country clubs, and 5-star restaurants/hotels, Brandon had the opportunity to travel abroad.

This allowed him to learn and operate with other professional chefs. His travels and cultural experiences allowed him to develop his unique style of cuisine.

Brandon’s dream to develop his own culinary business finally became a reality in 2014, after many years of devotion to his craft. His hard work and perseverance resulted in the launch of Emmitt’s Catering.

Brandon served the Dallas – Fort Worth and surrounding area, proudly projecting LOVE with his unique style in every dish. Oftentimes, he’s been known to convey his signature quote: ”Everything Is Made With Love”.

In addition, Brandon gives GOD all the glory and honor for all his current and future achievements. ”IF THOU CANST BELIEVE, All THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO HIM THAT BELIEVETH!!!…. Mark 9:23 KJV